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    November 16, 2012
    6:00 - 6:30am EST  

>> once a cop always a cop even in retirement. a maryland state trooper was northan willing to protect and serve -- >> more talk and more meeting to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. who the president is meeting with today. >> 34th street in hamden and a water front life at the harbor. this morning we will turn on the lights and get you in the spirit early this year. those stories are straight ahead on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast out there. kind of chilly once again yesterday. we are kind of getting into a pattern lynette. >> yeah. we are in this pattern for a while. but, i have good news you have to stick around for that. let's talk about what's going on this morning. because on maryland's most powerful radar, we are picking up on showers mainly to the south of baltimore this morning. and even dc. we can see it here things beginning to diminish so this is good news. we will get some sunshine going throughout the day. mixing with cloud cover. so be prepared for that. also, be prepared for some cold
temperatures when you wake up this morning. and 36 degrees in sykesville just like we have been seeing the past several days now. charley said it looks like it is becoming a pattern that is going to be broken pretty soon. 37 degrees in jessup is what i am talking about. right now and in chester. we will have the temperatures still below average even as we go throughout the day. so when you wake up at 8, temperatures still cold. and then as we go into lunchtime today, flirting with 50s still chilly and 51 is the high temperature i am going with. we should be at 57 degrees now for this time of the year. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a cold start so you might want to turn on the heat this morning. crearchg it in the car. maybe -- crank it in the car. fortunately there's no traffic to contend with here on 95 downtown. it's nice and clear. and moving right along if you are traveling on 95 from white marsh it's going to take 15 minutes right now to get downtown. and here's what 695 lax like at-
- looks like at 83. the inner loop right now not much activity. outer loop in great shape. 11 minutes to travel from 95 up to 83. and if you are traveling on the west side of the beltway, you are looking at a 9 minute trip traveling that outer loop from 795 down to interstate 70. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. this morning a former maryland state trooper is hailed a hero after his quick thinking saved lives. >> he says it was about self- preservation but you couldn't tell that to the people whose lives he saved. >> sherrieionson is here with the form -- john -- sherrie johnson is here with more on the former trooper who says he is not a hero but people in the store argue that. >> reporter: job appelby retire from the maryland state police july 1st but when he ended up in the wrong place at the right time he proved he is willing to protect and serve. on friday he went into action unarmed when he walked into the middle of a robbery at his neighborhood convenience store just after 10 a.m. he didn't know the owner of the
chrome dairy and deli told the robber she had more cash in the back. she was stalling waiting for police to arrive. 13 of his 28 years on the job he spent on the special tactical assault team so he had a plan. once he was in the back along with the cashier, another customer and the robber e. made his move. -- he made his move. >> i wanted somebody to be on the right side of the door and us on the left so when the robber came in he had to divert his attention and he came in and looked at the other guy and mow and looked to see where lata was and when he did the pistol what is out and i took it. >> the suspect got away with a little cash and they got out safely. no word on whether police captured the suspect. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. with each passing day we get closer to going over the cliff and for the first time since winning reelection president obama will meet with congressional leaders to talk about the efforts to avoid him. the president wants any deficit reduction plan to include tax increase on the wealthy.
republican leaders say they will accept the new tax revenue but they are not going to accept higher tax. if no deal is reached by the end of the calendar year there will be automatic tax increases also deep spending cuts you and i can look forward to affecting our bottom line on our paychecks. former cia director petraeus is expected to testify today about the attacks on the u.s. consulate benghazi libya. maryland congressman spoke to reporters after the hearing. >> i think once the members were able to see the timeline and things that occurred, i think in the end, the assessment is the same. that as it relates to benghazi you had a group of extremists who took advantage of a situation and unfortunately we lost four american lives. >> we will have more on in a live report from d.c. on good morning maryland at 6:30. >> don't -- don't be alarmed if you hear loud noises. the army is setting off large expossession through wednesday of next week. so you may be -- explosions
through wednesday of next week you may be able to hear or feel the impact outside the base. this year's baltimore grand prix didn't bring in as much money for the city. nearly 30,000 fewer people attended the race. 24.9 million in direct spending came from the grand prix crowd this year. that's close to $3 million less than the year before. it's that time of year to get into the holiday spirit. >> it might seem early but wait until you see what we are going to show you. looking for something fun to do for the family, you can head to downtown baltimore it. could be a great place to be. >> linda so is down there live with a sneak peek of what to expect in the light show you've been showing us is great. >> reporter: it's way cool isn't it? this time year we are looking for that new thing and that cool thing. cool light displays. i've got to look at this. the guy who is behind this all was nice enough to come out early this morning to give us a sneak peek. this doesn't debut until tomorrow night. so you want to catch a glimpse of this. but this is basically a light
show and they are shining it on the seafood restaurant barnes and noble and hard rock cafe. catch it starting tomorrow. joining us this morning the brain child behind it all joe with image engineering thanks so much. we were talking this takes hours. hundreds of hours to put something like this together. it's kind of like creating a movie. >> it is. maybe thousands of hours. it's like creating a 7-minute movie with choreography of the music and the visuals and laser programming and the 3d graphics and you have a lot of computer generated graphics and thousands of hours went into putting this together. >> reporter: you are a baltimore based company image engineering but you do things all across the world. starting first with the ravens you do all the pirate techniques for the ravens. >> we do ravens the home team. it's quite a pleasure to do all that for them. we have 5 other nfl teams around the country we do similar work for. and create their introduce and displays. >> reporter: and you have somebody one of your workers on the tour with rihanna.
>> that's right. we have tours and rihanna's tours and 7 tours in 7 cities in 7 days and she is out de-- we are designing the laser display. >> reporter: and you are bringing it back because you did it last year and it was so popular. tell us when people can catch it. >> so basscally our debut show is tomorrow -- basically, our debut show is tomorrow night three shows tomorrow and every friday and saturday through the 13th of december. and starting at 6 p.m. and then on the 13th of december we adthursday nights to the mix and run thursday, friday and saturday through christmas. and then starting the day after christmas every day to new years. >> reporter: thanks so much. and the best part is it's free. this all part of the water front live family fun activities and festivities and tomorrow, at the west shore park there's going to be acrobats and high wire walking and tons of crafts for the family and then a parade down the promenade santa will be coming to town so you can see
santa tomorrow. and it all ends with this light show at 7 here on the facade of the phillip seafood restaurant barnes and noble and hard rock cafe. you won't want to miss it. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> that's so cool. 6:08 and he is the brother of a famous actress and those who know him say he is a nice person that's why they are so surprised about accusation of sexual abuse. we will tell you what a local community is saying this morning. also coming up this morning, we use them all the time. every day and don't think about the potential dangers they could pose to kids. just ahead, experts suggest you may need to know about magnets in your house and one area a man is jumping into the shark tank. his creation has been on the front lines and it will be on the national spotlight. check it out. >> and we are in the cloud but we have clearer conditions to the west. i will tell you if it makes a move towards us coming up. >> reporter: traffic is moving right along here on the west
side of the beltway at liberty road. i will let you know what it looks like on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> reporter: and a live look at new york let's head that way for a check of the late nest tech bites. >> reporter: in teed tech bites laying odds on small tablets. they are predicting it will outpad ipad many based on the number of searches for each. amazon tablets 130 dollars cheaper than apple's. and amazon's shipping the largest version of the kindle fire hd five days ahead of schedule but the company is short of the 8.9 inch tablet and won't ship new order until next month a shortage is expected for nintendo ii -- wi. analyst says it will fly off the shelves and they got a late start on production a new iphone app called cute girl watching and well, a cute girl watches you from your phone all
the time. she giggles and utters prerecordphrases in japanese. those are your tech -- those are your tech bites.
a sneak peek at the show shark tank. >> tonight's episode features an invention from an annapolis man. >> he tepees accounting at the naval academy. >> this morning abc2 -- teaches accounting at the naval academy. >> this morning abc to news jamie costello tells you about the great way to avoid nodding off. >> the energy shots that are out suck. they suck. >> reporter: the major winning the troops over in new york handing out two sips in bottle and you won't blink. >> it wept really well. >> reporter: 7 million will watch as he tells us about rubbing pack a ruckus with the military use what they need and
nothing elseyou buy the civil rob ready to share his energy in a bottle story. >> if you are shaky with caffeine that's not good for a snipe. >> reporter: instead of concentrating on ingredients went after symptoms. >> we cared about not being tired and we cared about being mentally sharp after 24 hours being up. >> reporter: he has 10 to 12 military families invested and was going slow but they couldn't keep up with demand and needed to go on shark tank. >> it was fast paced it's to -- it's to dig into the military discipline. >> reporter: what happened. >> there are 6 million watching right now. >> i can tell you but, we will lose a camera and you will lose the footage. >> reporter: the major who did a solo mission said he is giving us an awake promotion that we deserve. >> everybody has a battle to win. it doesn't matter if you are fighting to get the kids off to school or fighting for study hours late at night. everybody has a fight to win. >> reporter: major rob in charge of keeping america alert. >> it will help everyone win
life's battles. >> reporter: watch the left hand side. he is a superstar. people are catching onto his ner-ruck pack. >> that's jamie costelloreporting. it's the only cay fee free nutritional shot for the battle field with vitamins. i feel like it's an online ad and you can order it online if you want. >> and shark tank airs tonight at 9:00. what great timing for him because so many people are questioning the energy drinks. we will see how it goes. >> it's all about the timing. >> it is. the same can be said for the weather. steelers this weekend and lot of people are looking to sunday as well as today. >> exactly. sunday looks good and today a little cold. as we look at manchester. temperatures at 35 degrees. more of the same in bel air and
jessup at 37. sparrows point 39 and shadyside at 40 degrees. easton 41. and northeast 37 degrees this morning. we are needing the big warm coats again. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we have high pressure back off towards the west. and that will stria to trek its way in here for today. so we will get the sun cloud mix. also some showers this morning and very light in nature. they had been diminishing all morning and that's the trend going through the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. so speak of trend let's look at future trend. i put this in motion and we have that dry chilly air on tap. there's the area of high pressure that's going to try to make its way in here through the day. we will watch the coastal disturbance and this will stay away from us. and we will have another one that's going to be moving in going towards the weekend as well. and with that we will continue to be dry for the most part. now, future trend also shows you how it stays away as we go through the next several days. so we like that. this is good timing once again.
that's what we have been talking about and also we are going to stay chilly as we go through the rest of today. going into lunchtime today, that temperature will be right around 49 degrees. and as we go through 2, 3:00 temperatures high coming in at 51 degrees and then we drop off as we head into 4:00 coming in right around 50 degrees and 50s will remain across the board as we go through time wednesday and thursday that's when temperatures jump back to seasonable levels. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. great football weather, too. the ravens are going to beat the steelers you think. >> go ravens. >> reporter: go ravens. well traveling on 695 it's nice and clear here in pikesville. no delays from green spring avenue to route 40. and inner loop is nice and clear up to 83. and this is what 695 looks like at 83. you will notice traffic is moving right along no problems to report. and inner loop nice and clear from 95 all the way up to the 83s and the outer loop no
delays taking a normal 11 minute to travel from 95 up to 83. and if you are using the jfx to get downtown, no delays whatsoever. you are looking at normal conditions from the beltway all the way down to fayette street. as far as 95 is concerned, no delays in columbia. it's going to take 12 minutes to get to downtown baltimore. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic and now here's megan with a adorable furry friend. >> there's nothing cuter than a kitten. aileen gabey makes our day -- be babeey makes our day -- shall gabbey makes our day every friday. >> this is benito. >> 8 weeks and very, very cute and tiny. >> he is tiny. >> and loves to be held. he is up for adoption and we are open today. >> there's the number and while we look at his face tell us about thanksgiving because it's coming up and this is when vets say they see more dogs than cats. >> they do. and emergency -- in emergency rooms for vets they see a lot of animals. you want to make sure you're looking out for your pets on
thanksgiving day. they can get into the food if it's intend or not. make sure they tay a-- stay away from turkey bones it could splinter and hurt them and get stuck. the rich foods even though tempting, could be bad for them. and that causes and cree tight ies and pets come in with rich food and that's not good for them. and you know you want to make sure they don't dart out when you have guests over which they tend to do. like the 4th of july tips keep them in a little room comfortable and radio and a toy. and then you don't have to worry. >> you don't have to look at their cute sad eyes. >> right. >> now before you go, something that's been a big discussion in our newsroom this morning tristin was a puppy you brought in and we went crazy over her she was so cute she is up foradoption? >> she is still up for adoption so if you are interested or any of the other animals they can come visit us and we are linked
to >> she is a pit bull puppy is that anything to do with it with the change in the law? >> well, generally, there's no time limit at the maryland spca and those are the dogs that probably take the longest to find homes. but they find homes. >> they do. such a patient wonderful place and we should tell you with the thanksgiving tips they will be open on friday and you can have your black friday. and avoid all the long lines and crazy people pushing their way to get a big screen tv. you can get a friend for life. so thanks so much for comiin and don't forget about benieto. lynette is creeping so charley to you. but don't forget about the maryland spca the number is on the screen and they have all sorts of dogs and cats up for adoption. so give them a visit. >> there you go. it's 6:19. apparent a health alert this morning. -- parents a. health alert. high powered magnets are great
for hanging things on the refrigerator but could be dangerous. more than 200 kids swallowed magnets in the past year alone. of the reported cases of magnet injections, more than half occurred in kids between the ages of 1 and 6 years old. experts say when it comes to the little ones, the best way to identify the hidden dangers is get everything down to their level. >> either borrow a toddler and go through the house following them where the danger zones are. or get on your hands and knees and go through the house and figure out from a kid's perspective what is tempting. >> if swallowed it can permanently damage a child's bowls. all right. you can get twinkies and ho-hos for now. >> hostess missed the deadline for workers to come back on jock so now what? >> it's the happiest place on
earth but there's changes coming to disney. what will be different in the future. [ knock on door ]
cool. you found it. wow. nice place. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] got to go.
priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook.
big changes in store for disney's magic kingdom this florida. >> there's a new fantasy land expansion. it doesn't open until december 8th but this morning we have a little sneak peek for you a preview of everything that is happening like the journey of the little mermaid. and be our guest restaurants. so the addition nearly doubles the size of this portion of the park from 11 to 21 acres. and make it the largest expansion in the magic kingdom's 41 year heftry. this is big. and they say that -- history. this is big. and they say they couldn't wait to see it. >> we are excited and bell's castle is coming soon so great. >> wow. >> and it's the first visit to disney world. >> that means they are going back. the fantasy land expansion cost
$425 million so it's not a small expansion. >> one of the big attractions expanded in florida was the harry potter ride. that was at universal studios and that was a huge deal so you can imagine the expansion here is going to be bigger. >> absolutely. so a lot of kids will be even more excited to go. >> you will go aren't you. >> i booked a trip myself yesterday. actually. so i am excited to check it out. forget kids ies for all. >> what do you have for news my cousin rick and lindsay submitted today's picture very fitting for purple friday. it was takant last week -- taken at last week answered game. daren wrote in saying you thought 5 was a lot. just -- 5 a was a lot -- 55 was a lot wait until we get to pittsburgh. terry jones flacco 10 out of 10 and raymond miles 5 plus 5 plus 5 plus 5 equal ed reed. very, very cute. keep your caption this photos
coming. e-mail them to and i need some for next week so send yours my way. pretty cool video of the downtown seattle skyline covered in fog. the sun was rising over the city turning the fog pinkish orange color. and if you look closely you can see the space needle and mount rainier in the background. city of the seattle is gorgeous but this is really a cool shot. >> that's a neat picture. part of the veteran's day parade. >> something went wrong. what happened to cause a crash that killed 4 and injured 17. we will show outdetails when good morning maryland continues. a can of del monte green beans?
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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. the death toll grows as israeli palestinian violence escalates. hopes of a resolution is fading fast. >> we could learn something from chili vasquez about strength courage and forgiveness. she has been through so much but her spirit is unshakeable. >> and you want to check in with your hr department. news now that many of us are not using our vacation days. but here's the problem for a lot of our employers, they don't roll over. so when they are gone megan, they are gone